BioFox Games History

BioFox Games is a PC game development company based out of Massachusetts. Originally started on March 24, 2006 with only a few text adventures to their name, they have continued to grow into 3D game production. The first four co-founders have since been reduced to a couple of key members, all of whom are long time video game players and designers. Anthony B and Kevin M are two of the original co-founders who aspire to make memorable and interesting games even to this day.

From 2009 to 2015 BioFox Games was on hiatus due to college and life in general. However, after six years BioFox Games has returned to continue making exceptional games.

BioFox Games Staff

Kevin M - Programmer and 3D Artist

Kevin has always played a big picture role in game production. He often leads off a project with design ideas and is tasked with writing a game's story. Previous programming contributions include AI, LAN multiplayer, and game mechanics. Kevin is also capable of 3D modeling and texturing, as well as some 2D art. A few of his favorite video games are Final Fantasy 8, Resident Evil REmake, Dark Souls 1, and Super Mario World.

Anthony B - Programmer and Sound Tech

Anthony approaches game design from a technical standpoint. His focus is always on refining a game's atmosphere and fine tuning mechanics. Previous programming contributions include map engines, shaders, and game mechanics. As an accomplished piano player and mixer, Anthony is responsible for the musical scores and sound effects. And of course he loves playing video games, his favorites being Resident Evil, Silent Hill 2, Pikmin 2, and Fatal Frame 2.

Steve P - Web Programmer

Being the one who designed this whole site and set up our forums Steve has been critical in exposing BioFox Games to the internet community.


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