May 28th 2006

Revenge is going full speed ahead, and there's no stopping it. We've got some screen shots on the revenge page, just to give you a hint at what the game will look like. The final images will have better graphics, but the screen will be about the same. Some possible weapons will be the double-barrel shotgun, rocket launcher, and a crowd favorite, the chainsaw. Capture the flag mode has been dropped out of the project on the grounds that two against two ctf is just boring. However, king of the hill, deathmatch, and team deathmatch are going on through with the principal of fast paced action. On a side note, the Immortal Guardian "bug" that we've noticed is that the save.txt files have been disappearing. Unfortunetely, we have no idea why. So to fix this, make a new one, named save.txt, anytime you want to load a game. Remember to put a number from 1 to 4 so that you load that level

Immortal Guardian 1.1

May 23rd 2006

Immortal Guardian is updated again, now with v1.1, the problems found by out testing team should be fixed. Any additional errors found can be reported to our email. Please be specific when telling us about these. There has been no real progress in making Revenge, as most of us have been preoccupied with making Immortal Guardian better. However, we'll let you know of our developments after this friday's meeting

Immortal Guardian Updated

May 21st 2006

We've been having one heck of a weekend! Immortal Guardian has been having some horrible problems with downloading, and the game hasn't worked too well. However, thanks to our brilliant team, that's all fixed! Make sure you have the newest version of Immortal Guardian, otherwise, it won't work. If you downloaded it before 9 o'clock today, then it's old and you should get the new one. Anyways, that's about it, sorry for the problem, and contact with any further problems. Cheers!

Massive Update (Look out! becomes Immortal Guardian)

May 19th 2006

Two words: Massive Update! We've got the bios finished (finally) and the readme for Super Squid Squad 3 with the commands included. And finally... after nearly a month of waiting, Immortal Guardian (Look Out's final name) is here!!! This is a day to remember for us at Bio Fox. This is the first real game we've made, and you can bet there'll be more. Check out it out here from its page on the games menu. We will be updating the game, once we get the testing done. But, it's time to annouce our next game. It's called Revenge, and it's strictly a multiplayer first-person shooter that'll go over lan. Right now, we're gonna sit back, relax, and watch a season of Seinfield. Till then.

Super Squid Squad Released!

May 14th 2006

Super Squid Squad 3 is finally out and on the site for downloading. [Editors note: See the games menu]. Some screen shots of Look Out are also on its page. Production on Look Out has gone wonderfully over the past few days, so expect it to be finished next week.

Good and bad news

May 11th 2006

We've got some bad news and some great news. First the bad. Development on Aniro Space Fighters has been temporarily stopped due to other productions and an increased intrest in 3d games. It is uncertain whether it will start up again. And now, the good news. New update of BioMap!!! That's right, version 1.3 is here with the fixed up character commands and a new texturing feature. You can get it at its page [Editors note: see the projects menu]. Also, Look Out! has gone through some tough hoops but it should be released next week, assuming the guys down the hall kick it into high gear. Anyways, that's about it for now, we might show some screen shots of the game and such, but until then...

Look Out!

May 7th 2006

Look Out! is nearing its completion and should be out any day, just as soon as we put the finishing touches. Also, the link and download problems that have occured since the 4/27 update are fixed. With our first 3-D game almost done, we'll be able to finish up Super Squid Squad 3 and Aniro. And as if there wasn't enough good news already, BioMap v1.3 will be out soon with all the improvements we've added.

Announcing Look Out! and misc.

April 27th 2006

Unfortunetely, production of Aniro Space Fighters has been going rather slowly. This is due to the fact that we have had some trouble getting the guys together. However, we do have some good news. We are developing a new 3-D game called Look Out! in which you have to find your way through a labryinth. With our first 3-D game will come our own custom map engine called BioMap. There'll be a page on that and the new game. Don't worry, though, we'll keep you posted on Aniro and Super Squid Squad 3. As an added bonus, a treasure game and a chocolate collecting game have been added to the demos. Have fun with those

More SSS3 News

April 25th 2006

Super Squid Squad 3 is now on it's way to completion and should be on the site any day now. We've fixed the inv command for SSS and added some information to the game's page that should explain the terminology and story behind the game. A Battle Engine that's been worked on should be up on the main page. It's basically a demo to the actual text RPG that will come out sometime. Plus, the site now has a email address that you can email to for any comments, questions, or anything else! It's

[Editors note: This no longer the best way to contact us. Use the forums or the email page (both located under the Contact menu]

Anouncing: Super Squid Squad 3

April 16th 2006

The website's up and running! The bio pages are coming along nicely and soon we'll have downloads for Super Squid Squad. Speaking of SSS, Super Squid Squad 3 (that's right, three) is in development as the boys in the office slowly learn some C++. The new text adventure will be in that format. Hopefully, Aniro will be the last game to come out on DB software. Check back soon.

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