Revenge Beta 1

November 15th 2006

Revenge Beta 1 has been released and you can download it [from the games menu]! Remember, it's a beta version, so there is bound to be some bugs and such that people will find, but it is techniquely playable. From this point on, we'll be adding all the cool features that make the game look and feel better, and will also be fixing any problems that arise. Also, Steve's dev game, Freedom, now has it's own page (linked on the left) and two screenshots of his game. Steve also has his bio on the Bios page. Peace out

Revenge Changes

November 14th 2006

We've decided to use a dll for the multiplayer commands, instead of the native darkbasic pro ones. While this will take sometime to understand, so far the game is going faster and using less memory than before! Always a plus when programming. Today we finished replacing old code with new, and as far as the game is concerned, it's done. However, we'll need to do some more testing to make sure it works properly when released. Expect Revenge Beta 1 as early as friday! Freedom is going strong as well, and Steve told us on the forums that it is nearing its alpha completion.

Revenge Beta 1

October 29th 2006

With the final testing for Revenge Beta 1, we found a bug that crashes the game. This will take some time to fix and might result in a month long set back from a previous goal. However, we will still try to get Revenge out by the end of the year, if not earlier. Our newest member to the Bio Fox team, Steve, has come to us with an interesting project that he will be working on. It's a dev project called Freedom, and it'll be a Magic: The Gathering online card game. Now for those of you skepitical whether this is a good or bad way to go, I am totally with you on that. But don't worry, Revenge and RH are not going to take a back seat to this one.

Revenge updates

October 2nd 2006

Revenge got a huge boost in the past week and we will release a beta version as soon as we fix a bug in the code. Check out the new screenshots of some of the weapons you haven't seen yet and the guy behind the action, Jack Fantastic. Also, Residential Horror will be going through a major rewrite and designing phase. Don't fret, though, because this is all for the better. RH will be a sort of demo/promotional "short game" that will show off the new shaders we've decided to use for our next game. What that game is, however, won't be revealed yet. On a side note, the Forums are just coming alive, but feel free to join: We want your input on our games! Just hang tight everybody, and expect this month to rock with these new happenings.

New Forum

September 16th 2006

It's been a long and hectic month here at Bio Fox, and as usual, we've got tons of things going on all at once coming at us like a train shot out of a cannon. First, we've finally created a forum, thanks to Aceboard. For those of you who don't want to email, go to the forums to post. Also, Revenge is at it's 75% done mark! We just need to work some things out, and soon you will have a playable demo and videos for your viewing pleasure. No new screen shots, though, since most of the development hasn't been visual. Sorry about the state of the site, if any one noticed, for a awhile the side bar was missing. I was messing around with the setup of the main page, but for now it will stay as it is. Expect to see the demo for Revenge out by the end of the month, but till then, see ya!

Revenge Update

August 26th 2006

Things have been going just peachy over the past two weeks. Revenge has begun growing into the program it was intended to be. We've got the lobby working, with a chat system, and a very nice map loading system that makes updating and releasing new maps easier. Once the main shooting functions are done, and some last minute fixes and add ons are made, get ready for trailer, and soon after, a demo! For those of you who frequent on the DarkBASIC forums, look out for a WIP thread soon. We hope to get these things up and running before school starts up. Check out the new screen shots of revenge, and the updated version of A Pirate's Tale, too. See you soon.

Text Adventure Competition Results

August 11th 2006

The scores for our most recent text adventure, A Pirate's Tale, have been released on the DarkBASIC forums and unfortunetly, it placed sixth out of seven. However, we find this to be an oppotunity to improve our skills and to continue to make great games! Here's the scores for your viewing pleasure: Originality: 6.2, Story Development: 6.6, Writing Ability: 4.1, Technical Design: 4.5, and the TOTAL is 5.4. Good job to everyone who entered the contest, I hope that there will be another one soon!

A Pirate's Tale and Revenge

August 1st 2006

A Pirate's Tale is finished, after a good month of production. Try it out, look it over if you want, and root for us at the compotition. We'll know the results by the eleventh of this month. Also, we've got new screenshots of Revenge, showing off the new levels and weapons. Not much else to say at the moment, so cheers.

More Updates

June 28th 2006

Sorry for not posting much news on the games, but we've got some great screen shots from Residential Horror and Shooting Gallery. For the Text Adventure, there isn't much to show screen shot wise, but a lot of story line concepts and features are revealed. The status report for the projects stands as; Shooting Gallery: 63%; Residential Horror: 36%; and Text Adventure: 25%. The next few weeks are going to be pretty busy for the whole staff, so expect at least two games done at the end of july. Till then!

Big Update

June 14th 2006

There's been a lot going on this month. With Revenge, we've been working on the multiplayer, but it will be awhile before it's finished. In the mean time, there are three projects to be annouced. One is Residential Horror, a tribute game to the all mighty Resident Evil series! At the moment, there are some basic concepts that we will build upon, and you can see the game as it progresses at it's page. Next, we have a Shooting Gallery game, in which you try to become a Sharp Shooter and bring popularity to the gallery and yourself. This game will have some basic AI, and a very nice stock of weapons and items to buy. And finally, we have a text adventure being made as of two days ago. No details yet on the exact story line, but the game will far excede the Super Squid Squid Squad series in both style and story line. It is being made for a text adventure contest, run on The Game Creators forums. Expect a summer chock full of developments, games, and some nice screen shots.

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