Domain Name Change

February 26th 2007

Change is in the air, and it's a good sign for the company. You'll notice over the next month or so that we'll be setting up advertising on the net, getting a few new members, have Revenge and Freedom closer to completion than ever, and will have a new donations page where those of you willing to contribute to our group's further progress in making great games will be able to do so. Already, we have a new url: Although will still be available until september, we urge you to use the newer and admitily easier to remember address. Also, the screenshots that we promised of Revenge are on their way along with the bugs we found. We'd like to report that all of the people who tested the game locally (Dan, Devin, John, Nick...) said that the game was really fun to play. Of course, we will keep you updated on further advances in the projects and the changes we make to the site

Revenge Beta 2 and other updates

February 15th 2007

We made some small changes to Beta 2, including some code that finds your ip address so you don't have to input it, and to Immortal Guardian, we fixed the corners. Also, there are screen shots of a new Revenge level called prisoner and screen shots that show the difference between Immortal Guardian v1.2 and v1.3. This weekend, besides playing Rise of Nations and Empire Earth at our company LAN party, we'll be testing for Revenge Beta 3 and Freedom. Expect some bug reports later next week and maybe some screen shots of us duking it out. Later!

Immortal Guardian v1.3

February 13th 2007

The new version of Immortal Guardian is here, and it is lightyears better than v1.2. It was rewritten in DarkBasic Professional (originally in DarkBasic Classic) and you can see the difference. Among other things, the game runs faster and smoother. If you haven't played IG in a while, give it a spin and see how much improvement it has gotten. And, for the first time, Immortal Guardian is using an installer. This will install the file in a folder called Bio Fox Games in your Program Files. That is where our future games will also go, including Revenge.

Revenge Beta 2!

February 9th 2007

Revenge Beta 2 has been released! You can download it on it's site. [Editors note: Revenge is finished, so you can download the final game] It is a beta, however, it should be fully playable with the exception of menus and animations. Remember to type in the correct LAN ip address or you will not load the map correctly. Any errors you find should be reported to our beta 2 error thread or emailed to us. Also, BioMap v1.5 is out on the BioMap page, so check it out. Not much else to say, so enjoy Beta 2!

Revenge Beta 2?

February 3rd 2007

A lot of progress has been made with Revenge; so much so that Beta 2 could be release within a week or two! Check out the new screen shots on the Revenge page and remember to report any bugs you find to us. Expect two new maps, some new music, improved movement, menus and GUI, animations, and all of the current problems fixed in Revenge Beta 2. Steve hasn't made any substantial progress on Freedom, and Residential Horror is on pause while Beta 2 is getting completed, so don't hold your breath on updates from either project.

FTP Server

January 21st 2007

The new site is up and running, so we'll be able to put the downloads on without the ftp server. Keep in mind that it will not be on all the time, so if you don't get redirected here, you'll stay at a less detailed page with email and forums link. Check back when down between 3 to 9pm.

FTP Server Down, Residential Horror

January 19th 2007

The FTP server is down for now because we need to configure some of the settings for it to work. This should be done within a week or so. On the plus side, Residential Horror is moving forward since we fixed the shaders we're using. Check out the new screen shot on its page, which shows the cabin area. While we work on RH, Revenge will be taking a break so that we can focus on one project. Once the ftp server is up, though, you'll be able to download immortal guardian and Revenge Beta 1. Also, we've put a few Ti-84 games on the site for a little diversity. They're older Super Squid Squad text adventure games that were made after the original. Think of them as the "official" story.

Happy New Year and FTP Downloads

January 12th 2007

Happy New Year everyone, it's finally time for the guys at the office to start working again. And to start off the first post of the new year, we're annoucing our ftp server, which will mean an immortal guardian update (v1.2!) and Revenge Beta 1, which hasn't been working recently. All you have to do is click the link and type *removed by admin* as the username; there is no password. Login and the download should start up within a minute. No news yet on fixing Revenge bugs, however, we do know how to

Revenge and Freedom

December 14th 2006

We have some new screen shots from Freedom, which Steve tells us is extremely close to beng playable. Revenge has taken a little break but we're working on the few bugs that came up in Beta 1. Please excuse the lack of a download at the moment; we need another way to host the files.

Revenge Bugs

December 1st 2006

As expected, Revenge has bugs, not a lot of bugs, but enough to recognize that it is a beta. For a full list of bugs, you can see the thread on the forums. Steve has told me that freedom is coming along since we last gave you the screenshots, and you can see the progress on the page. There's not a lot visually, but he tested it last week and said it was workable. Not sure when a beta will be available, but we'll keep you posted. Note the position list at the bottom of this page, just incase our jobs seem confusing.

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