World Order and Lightning

May 26th 2007

It's been a good couple of weeks, despite our lack of upkeep on the site. Never fear, there is plenty to show. Jrock has continued to improve his engine, and the new camera function has been written, an important part of World Order. I've also been hard at work creating the models for the game, and they're looking half decent. Check out the World Order page for some screen shots of seven of them. On another note, Steve has started his developement of Lightning, the result of Freedom. He has a thread up on the forums, so go over and post away.

Updates for March 23rd, 2007 [Truncated]

May 23rd 2007

It's been awhile, but World Order has finally made enough progress to show. The engine that it will be running on, aka Supremacy, looks awesome to say the least. Check out this short video of the early stages of a map. Of course, I have been dilligently working on Aniro's AI (don't worry, the wait will be worth it) and Evan's images have been slowly trickling in.

Revenge Mappack 1

May 9th 2007

We've finally been able to get five new maps for Revenge; made by myself, Anthony, Evan, and a fellow DarkBasic, user Mr. X. All you have to do is download the pack and install the maps. Once done, you can go ahead and play them, easy as pie. If you want to see future map releases, you can, of course, contribute your own maps to the mix; all you need is RevengEdit and about ten minutes of your time. Aniro also has some more screen shots, most from the workings of the AI, which will have a short video demo soon.

World Order Updates

May 3rd 2007

World Order and Aniro have been slowly coming together, and we finally have some screen shots to show for it. Jrock has been working on the GUI and intro for World Order, and I can say that it is amazing. Also, Aniro has all but one of the weapons done, with basically AI left to do. If progress goes smoothly, Anrio could be done within two weeks.


April 11th 2007

The newest addition to the TI-84 page is T-Racer, a game in which you must avoid the road spikes while driving on a race track. There are three modes- easy, hard, and insane- which all follow the same formula but vary in speed. After a certain amount of laps, you can recieve new cars that, while not doing anything game wise, still look cool. Check out the Aniro screen shot as well!

World Order

April 8th 2007

World Order is up and going, soon we will have screen shots for you to see. As of now, you can view the design document for WO on our forums under its thread. Also, RevengEdit has a small update which fixed the floor not being big enough, and now when you place spawns a sphere is placed. The TI 84 page is back on by popular demand and we're currently talking about what games we can release on that end. People have been complaining about a blue "monster" that appears on the sky sphere of Revenge, and I'm happy to say that that bug is fixed, along with some minor changes to the code. To date, 49 people have downloaded Revenge!


April 6th 2007

We're back from our break, notice anything different? Welcome to the completely redesigned BioFox site, thanks to Steve P for his work. You'll notice that we have two new members to the team, Jrock and John W (who has previously been our tester). Cheers to Jrock for making our new logo as well. Starting this month, our new projects will begin development. Aniro, which you may remember as our earliest dropped project, is making a come back. Also, the larger project will be an RTS called World Order. Both can be viewed on their pages on the side bar. Some minor things to see on the site is an extras page filled with avatars and banners, the projects page that organizes completed games, the email form, and the sweet tracker Steve P wrote up for us. There was a slight update for Revenge which is on now which fixed the chainsaw. On the Revenge page is RevengEdit, the much anticipated map editor for Revenge.

Revenge Released!

March 21st 2007

Revenge is finally out and ready to play! It has taken almost a year of work, but I'm sure you will be pleased with the progress it has made since the Beta 1 days. Any bugs you find can be reported to our email or on our forums under the Revenge bugs thread. Keep in mind that most of the staff will be away on a Chicago trip starting tomorrow, so it might take a few days to get a response. Now that Revenge is done and Freedom is in it's finalizing stage, BioFox can take a short break before the next two projects start. I won't say anything about them just yet, but there's at least one you might remember from our older days. Also, between now and the end of April, the site will go through a total redo. Although the color scheme will be the same, the layout will be totally different and much more professional. Have fun with Revenge!

Revenge Beta 3

March 14th 2007

Revenge Beta 3 is on the site to keep you happy until the release, which is scheduled for next Wednesday, March 21. Freedom will be delayed a bit because we are currently contacting Wizards of the Coast to make sure they're cool with us using copyrighted material. Cheers.

Revenge, Freedom, and Residential Horror

March 3rd 2007

Revenge is very close to completion and we only have to add menus and fix up some of the bugs before it is released. Expect the game sometime within the next week or so. In the mean time, check out the updated screen shots for Revenge, including the redone Crossbones and Intersect maps. Freedom is also on the verge of completion, and 95%, steve has some last minute features to add before it is available. Now, while these two projects are getting finish, we will be designing two new projects that will be started probably around the end of March and beginning of April. I won't say much about them, other than one is a 2d game and the other a 3d game. Residential Horror, unfortunetely, will be dropped until further notice. Keep your eyes peeled for details on these upcoming projects.

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