Immortal Guardian Release Date

January 6th 2008

Welcome to 2008 and to a new year of fantastic game development! Things are moving forward with Immortal Guardian 2 as Anthony recorded all the music yesterday and will be working on additional sounds to add to the game. That along with some coding from me is all that is left before we can officially test the game. Since we are so close to completion, January 11, 2008 is now the current release date for Immortal Guardian 2. Some discussion on our forums between the staff has sparked interest in making more complex TI-84 calculator games, since those are both popular and easy to make. If you have any suggestions for games you would like to see, please sign up on our forums or email the staff email.

We've Got Textures

December 15th 2007

Jrock has given us the final textures we needed for Immortal Guardian 2, which means we've over come a snag in it's development. Now we can finish the shaders, compose the music, and finally put the game together. Kudos to Jrock for a great job on the textures, which can be seen in the two new screen shots on the Immortal Guardian 2 page. Also, unless you're blind you might have noticed the advertisements on the side bar. BioFox Games is actually making money, all thanks to the ads and the people viewing our site! If you like our games and what we do, then you can support us just by viewing the site. Refreshing one thousand times doesn't get us any richer, though, before you ask. A minor change of the site to note is that the Projects page is now called Games. We did this because we found some people were confused as to where our games are.

V is for Vector

November 30th 2007

Supremacy is officially done and in our hands! Jrock has done a fantastic job putting it together, and through all the hard work, we now have a great engine for World Order. I have run it on my own computer, which is a decent system but by no means a super computer, and got about 60 FPS. For that kind of speed, you get a good looking enviroment, realistic grass, generated trees, a sky sphere, rolling terrain, and beautiful bloom effects. One of the major improvements since the last screenshots is the grass. Before the grass looked bad because it was basically rectangles sticking out of the ground. Now, however, thanks to vectors the grass is more realistic and rounded. So it's been pretty exciting, getting the engine done and ready to be used in World Order.

Supremacy at last!

October 27th 2007

Just as we promised, five screenshots from the world engine Supremacy are on the World Order page. It's not completely finalized, but what you see now is a good indicator of what World Order will look like. Notice the grass, the trees generated on the map, and the fog and bloom? All are the little things added in to make the engine and, therefore, the game better. A video should be coming along soon, especially since Supremacy is the closest it's been to being done.

World Order and Immortal Guardian 2 updates

September 27th 2007

We haven't released much in terms of the concepts behind World Order, but in the recent month some big changes were made to the direction in which the game will go. Go to the World Order page for some teasers, and expect some sweet concept art as Immortal Guardian 2 production nears it's end. Speaking of which, IG2 is wrapping up nicely. Just last weekend the group recored voice clips for the enemies and player and the biggest piece left is textures and music. Once we have the game ready for our testers, you can be sure to have a release date. Also, look at the new screenshots of the 3d menu and a picture showing off the shaders.

Revenge link fixed

August 26th 2007

The Revenge download was fixed today, so you can now download the newest version so that any map files are compatable. Also, we have two new screen shots from Immortal Guardian 2. Notice the shaders and the 3d menu, both of which a firsts in our games. IG2 is extremely close to being done, all the work is now strictly media creation.

World Order Updates

August 15th 2007

World Order is progressing with an increasing amount of force as we continue to work out the technical features. Soon, I hope to release a video demonstrating simply the mechanics of the game, so don't expect any fantastic visuals. Jrock has also produced the beginnings of our GUI, which is a major part of any RTS. Immortal Gaurdian, too, has been pushed closer to it's release, and is waiting for the textures and shaders. With those implemented, it will be a simple task of creating the levels and menu and then IG2 will be yours.

IG Fixes, Immortal Guardian 2

July 24th 2007

I've fixed some minor problems with Immortal Guardian, like the minotaur animations and the text fading effect on the credits. Immortal Guardian 2 is also very far along, the main chunk left is level design and creating media. Unfortunately, Supremacy had some major set backs in the last two weeks that will delay it's completion for at least two months. This doesn't mean that World Order is paused, just that we'll be working more on media than the physical game.

Immortal Guardian 2

July 1st 2007

That's right, we're making Immortal Guardian 2. Aniro is again being thrown away for the sequel to Immortal Guardian. The idea behind this is that while Jrock finishes up his engine, the rest of us can have something to do. This installment will be built off of BioMap v1.6 (Revenge used v1.5) and will use shaders, have enemies, and use 3d models. The good news is we'll only need a few weeks to make this, but it will still be lightyears better than Immortal Guardian and Revenge in graphics and gameplay. Excited?

Sumpemacy and Eternal Eqinox (by MISoft Studios)

June 1st 2007

Jrock has been working tirelessly on Supremacy (World Order's engine) and some time soon we'll be able to test the first of version of it. But, until then, there are four new screen shots on the info page. These are shots from the engine, not the actual gamel; so don't think WO has a first person perspective. Also, if you haven't been over to the Game Creators forums, then you probably haven't heard about Eternal Equinox. It's a text adventure, made by Matt Rock, but more importantly, it's commercial. If you love playing the old role playing games or just reading novels, than Eternal Equinox is the game for you. Go on over to MISoft Studios and try the free trial; believe me, it's worth your while

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