Gettin' Better Every Day

February 6th 2009

Over the last week, Revenge 2 has gotten incredibly close to a Beta version. Players can now join a lobby and play on a map. As of now, players can see each other move, shoot and receive damage, gain points for kills, respawn after death, and use three of the four powerups available. In addition, the multiplayer code has been rewritten using a different dll, which makes everything run smoother and more stable. What's left before we release Beta 1 is just making the game playable by at least four players, but hopefully up to eight. After Beta 1 you can expect all of the game modes like Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Capture the Flag (if six to eight players are possible) to be completed, a few of the new maps to be added, and a lot of game settings.

Revenge 1 would be Jealous

January 29th 2009

Remember our classic game Revenge with one level maps and Deathmatch as the only game mode? Take Revenge and add multi-leveled maps, King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch, more powerups, profiles that record all of your game stats, improved 3d graphics, and all kinds of game settings.

That's Revenge 2. Improvement include being able to walk up and down stairs, fall through holes to the ground below, and improved 3d environments with real lighting effects. There's more to come, too, so watch out for Beta 1. We also added a few new Revenge 2 related goodies to the site, so enjoy!

The Resurrection

January 14th 2009

This has been by far our biggest hiatus yet; six months without a single post or update on the site. To make matters worse we haven't even been working on World Order. But not to fear, because Revenge 2 is still in progress and will now be our main focus. We realized how unrealistic making an RTS would be with the few resources and manpower available to us. To digress a bit, we were like a knight just after slaying the dragon Immortal Guardian 2. Since the battle went over so well we figured why not pursue the gigantic nine-headed poisonous fire breathing hydra, World Order, with nothing but a sling shot and a ball of lint. After being horribly mangled and disfigured, we spent six months recovering only to realize we shouldn't try to make giant epic games; that's not what capable of. So we're reinventing our classic game in the revamped environments we first made with Immortal Guardian 2. There will be some new guns, players, game mods, and of course the almighty Jack Fantastic; rested and ready to get revenge. Then, when we are in the groove of things, and Revenge 2 has been released, we can produce another game that we can actually accomplish.


August 8th 2008

Revenge 2 Title

World Order Alpha One

March 29th 2008

The first stage of World Order is complete, and the basic features of the game are in place. In this alpha version, the player can navigate through the GUI, construct buildings, collect resources, and handle citizens. Some of the features like the minimap need to be fixed up and finished; at the moment the minimap is not clickable. There is now an info page for the Resistance, where we explain the GUI setup. For the next version we will be adding new models for the buildings, clicking on the minimap, and a few other additions to the GUI. Expect more information on the Resistance page as the building models are created. Also on the goodies page is a new banner for BioFox; feel free to use it.

Happy Birthday BioFox

March 24th 2008

Today is March 24, the day BioFox Games officially came to be. We began in our friend's basement, and two years later we've gone from text adventures and a mediocre site to three FPSs and a professional site. Speaking of the site, notice anything new? In honor of our second birthday, Steve has been furiously working on this master piece. The new color scheme and layout really make browsing our site more enjoyable; hard to believe it's not even finished, isn't it? A new forum is in the making as well as more content on the site, like podcasts and details on World Order. Alpha 1 is complete as of now, and there's a few screenshots ready to be put on the WO page. Happy birthday BioFox, you're two years old!

First World Order Screenshot

January 29th 2008

The first official screenshot of World Order is now on the site. It is a pre Alpha screenshot, so keep in mind many things will change between now and when the game is complete. What you should notice is that Supremacy is now integrated into the game, and we have a temporary GUI which works. Before we begin testing Alpha 1 of World Order, buildings and the minimap will be fully completed. expect an update on our progress within a week or two. On a side note, Immortal Guardian 2 has surpassed Immortal Guardian in the number of downloads it has had in a mere two and a half weeks. Eighty downloads in a little over two weeks is an amazing accomplishment for us, and I'm proud to say that everyone we have heard from likes the game.

Patch release

January 18th 2008

Immortal Guardian 2 v1.02 is now available. It fixes the shaders, which many people were having trouble with, and the difficulty has been toned down. This should be the last major update for IG2 that is released for a while, unless any big bugs are discovered. In the next week we'll begin to continue development on World Order!

We're not dead.... again!

January 15th 2008

Apologies for the site being down the last 24 hours or so, our server was struck by a power outage, consequently messing up a bunch of stuff. But the site is back up, and ready to dish out Immortal Guardian 2 hot off the burner. There was a small update to IG2 (v1.01) that was released two days ago and another one is due within a few days. It will fix the shader compatibility problems people have been having, along with making easy mode a little easier.

Immortal Guardian 2 Is Done

January 11th 2008

We cut it a bit short, but Immortal Guardian 2 is done and read to be downloaded on the games page. This is by far our best game and the most enjoyable to play, definately setting the standard for all of our future games. But keep in mind that we will still be testing IG2 for the next few days to make certain all bugs are patched. Feel free to post on the forums or email us with comments or to alert us of a bug you have found. I'm also proud to announce we have a new addition to the BioFox staff. Neal S. will be our modeler for our current project World Order. Enjoy Immortal Guardian 2!

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