Immortal Guardian

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  • Genre: Puzzle/Maze
  • Single-player
  • Release Date: May 19, 2006
  • Platform: PC (Windows)
  • Current Version: v1.32


You are Professor Conner Albet, a mythology teacher at Stanford and a treasure hunter by trade. A private employer has asked for your help in finding the Holy Grail and to do so you must travel through a series of dangerous labyrinths. Legend has it that a Minotaur stalks the hallways, hunting down all who become entangled in its maze. If you're lucky, the poisonous rivers, dark damp caves, and flowing magma will get you before the beast can. Keep moving forward and look out, because there is only one path to the Grail; all else is littered with the bones of the fallen.


Minimum Sys. Requirements

  • Windows 98+
  • DirectX 9.0c

Patch Details

  • V1.32: Adjusted the minotaur timer in level 4.
  • V1.31: Fixed the minotaur's animations, as well as the text fading effects in the beginning and end credits.
  • V1.3: Rewritten in DarkBasic Professional, it is faster, has better collision, the save file doesn't go away, the lines on the wall are gone, and the movement is WASD.
  • V1.2: The save file does not not disappear anymore, or so we thought.
  • V1.1: Can now skip first cut scene and pause the game. The walls have been improved so that corners aren't as "sticky".

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