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Forum Rules
06-05-2008, 08:47 AM
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Big Grin Forum Rules
Here are the rules to follow, just keep these in mind.

1. No abusive language, as in ragging on a single person and calling them mean words. Swearing is allowed, but not against someone else. You'll be banned a few days for it.

2. Do not post useless threads. It just wastes space and is annoying. And also, do not put threads in the wrong section. If you're new, we'll cut you some slack.

3. Just as a forum courtesy, try not to double post. Just edit your first post with the edit button (looks like a note pad).

4. Don't put your personal information on these forums. While they are ours, we cannot stop people from seeing it. So if you put addresses, phone numbers, or any other personal things in your post or profile, it'll be removed by a moderator.

5. Have fun. Big Grin

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Bio Fox... four guys, one computer, games like nobody's business
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